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"Oh no! Something terrible is about to happen!"
“Oh noes! Where?”
“Karakura town”

How much do you charger for keys and do u have a site ???

I make each prop on commission right now, and the price depends on the design difficult/material costs/other of the prop.

At the moment my main gallery is at

A bit of a debate going on, and you're just the person who could clear it up! If there were a keyblade made almost entirely out of metal (sorry, I understand how vague that is. Please take that in whatever way helps you to answer it best), how heavy would you say it would be? A standard Kingdom Key? (Since different keyblades would obviously be different weights)

Well a wooden kingdom key is only 7 pounds.

If you’re using aluminum, then according to a kingdom key would weigh somewhere around 30 pounds.

Any other metal would increase the weight.

However, before I started woodworking I was going to try my hand at metal casting. During my research I found an alloy called zamak which i have yet to try, but it can supposedly be as light as aluminum and strong as steel with very good strength and hardness, minimal shrinkage, and low metling temps.


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Seriously cant fucking get enough of this



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Kingdom hearts collection
What I’ve made





Kingdom hearts collection

What I’ve made



Mehhhh. I really hate to do this, but i need to make a critique. As someone who also makes props albeit not as famous or good as Man At Arms, or as one who works with metal, i still feel that this keyblade wasnt made as well as it could have been.

The key looks like a steel version of something you’d buy on ebay/amazon. I realize he made it to his liking, but…

1. The teeth on the key shouldn’t be flat like a slicing weapon. The flat side of the key is used in battle, not the teeth. It’s more of a clubbing weapon.

2. The handle guard had no reason to be flat other than the weight. He could of at least welded several flat pieces together to make it thick and light weight. Or hey, even cast it.

3. It would have been better to turn the pole on a lathe. That way you could get the grooves above the rainguard, the rainguard itself, and the knurl on the handle.

So overall, either casting or using different approaches to get a better looking key would have made it so much better. With his talent and fame, I have no doubt he could have done it better with a remake. Again, maybe my wooden props don’t stand out compared to his, but I felt a critique was necessary after all this time of saying nothing.


Hoy hice unas plantillas para la Cadena del Reino de Kingdom Hearts. Están pensadas para un tubo de 96 centímetros de largo. El que yo compré tiene 3,2 centímetros de diámetro, pero puede ser (y debería ser) algo mayor, aunque así pesaría más.

Las plantillas son tamaño A4. Las del mango hay que recortarlas y hacer que coincidan con el ancho del tubo.

These are nice.
i have to say that the bottom circles are a bit too far in for me personally in the handle guard though